Stop giving EREWHON your f*cking hard earned money.

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I went to EREWHON and was shocked about the fkin' price for a jar of granola.

So I made my own. Which ended up being much better, cheaper, and it's organic as well.
Plus it has the one thing EREWHON does not have, a heart.

32 oz for $15
14 oz for $14 at

The EDIWHON story.

Everyone in LA is familiar with Erewhon, the trendy, upscale grocery store where organic, natural, and healthy food products reign supreme. It's a haven for hipsters, crypto-bros, actors and the ones that want to be part of it. I must confess, I too have ventured there for some soup when feeling under the weather.

During one memorable visit, I was on a quest for granola to sprinkle on my yogurt. I was flabbergasted to find a 14-ounce jar with a whopping $14 price tag! My wallet quivered in fear, and I decided, "F*CK THAT!" So, I embarked on an adventure to make my own granola.

With a shopping list in hand, I scoured various stores for the best deals on ingredients, and soon, my kitchen transformed into a granola-making paradise. The end result? The most scrumptious, mouthwatering granola I had ever tasted!

To store my homemade masterpiece, I opted for an empty Erewhon jar I had saved from a previous soup purchase. As I filled the jar with my tasty creation, a lightbulb flickered above my head. What if I just rebrand the Erewhon jar and make it my very own? And so, "Ediwhon" was born.

Now, every time I open my "Ediwhon" jar and indulge in my delightful granola, I chuckle to myself, knowing that I have added a little fun and rebellion to my morning routine. As I savor each bite, it feels like I'm giving the overpriced granola a metaphorical middle finger.

Just like me, give them the middle finger and begin your day with a touch of rebellion.